Zero Glide Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q: What is the easiest way to choose the correct model for my instrument?

+ Q: The radius on my guitar isn't matching the stock models. Should I order custom?

+ Q: Can I install a Zero Glide on my own?

+ Q: How did you adjust the Zero Glide Fret for exact intonation?

+ Q: Do you offer any other materials?

+ Q: You claim the open string tone is brighter. How would you describe that?

+ Q: What if I want to change string gauges?

+ Q: I've gotten mixed information on if a zero fret should be the same height as the rest of your frets, or slightly taller. Which Zero Glide Fret Size should I use?

+ Q: Users say they have more accurate intonation than a standard nut; and that using a capo needs less tuning. How's that possible?

+ Q: I've heard great reviews on Zero Frets, but a few people said the fret often needs to be replaced because of how quickly it wears compared to normal frets. Is this true?

+ Q: I have my own line of instruments. How can we partner up?

+ Q: Is it best to adjust nut slots on center (using a size ruler) or best to keep equal spacing between the strings?

+ Q: Is There a Patent on Zero Glide?