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3656 S. Hopkins Ave.
Titusville, Fl 32780

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A few years ago, Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers was thinking about ways to make the manufacturing of fretted instruments more efficient as well as how to improve the consistency of the setup process that each Gold Tone instrument goes through in our Florida plant. He thought at once about the zero fret, a concept that was used by a few manufacturers during the middle of the last century. Wayne liked the fact that the use of a zero fret made the playing action at the first fret perfectly identical for all of the strings, but the old design employed a separate nut (located a ways back from the end of the fretboard) making manufacture MORE difficult rather than less. What if you could fashion a real bone nut that installs the same as ever, but incorporates the zero fret in the nut itself? Eureka! The ZeroGlide was born.