"Earthtone Natural Skin Drumheads - Old Tonality Meets New Technology"

~Modern Drummer - Review

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What Makes Us Earthtone

Premounted Aluminum Rim

Earthtone Drumheads are mounted on an aluminum rim with a built-in crown, just like your standard Mylar head.

Naturally Textured

Earthtone Drumheads have a natural texture that your brushes will love.

Pre-Stretched Calf Skin

Earthtone Drumheads are tanned and treated to ensure structural integrity. After the drum has "settled", minimal adjustments are needed.

Extremely Durable

Earthtone Drumheads are stronger than other skin heads, due to the treatment of the skin.

Common Drum Sizes

Earthtone Drumheads range from 6 inches through 24 inches.

Extremely Affordable

Earthtone Drumheads are substantially less than other calfskin companies.

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