For Best Results:

Do not wet head, Mount like a normal Mylar head.

Because of their organic nature, it is suggested to mount the heads loosely tightened and allow a one-to-two day acclimation phase so that some stretching may occur.

After the rest period, you are ready to tune your drum up to pitch. Make sure the hoop is level when you are tightening the head.

Tune and pitch EarthTone drumheads as you would any other head. These Heads are pre-crowned, stretched, and similarly adjusted. If needed, you may re-tune to tension.

Make sure the heads always stay dry after mounting.

Occasionally, new heads may have a thick spot and may be fixed by gently sanding the bottom of the drumhead with 150 grit sandpaper until desired consistency is achieved. Also, if you desire to slightly thin head, the inside may be gently sanded with 150 paper. Be cautious if you decide on this step, as sanding too much will ruin the head.


Questions You May Have:

What Kind of Skin is Used on EarthTone Heads?

Calfskin. Originally EarthTone started with goat skins, because they are thicker and more durable, but in 2010, after many requests ET decided to make the switch to calfskin. Although they can take a smidge longer to acclimate, the tonal qualities of the calfskin, hands down, outweigh the goat.

How do EarthTone Heads Handle Weather Changes?

There is no denying that with a change of temperature/climate, there will be a slight change in the heads. That being said, if you have a set in your house or studio, after a couple weeks of stretching, the heads will settle nicely and just need the average tune up.

EarthTone heads are treated with a chemical (comparable to a salt cure) to help decrease the typical stretching and help them sustain different climates changes.

Do I Need to Do Anything Differently When I Get My EarthTone Heads?

EarthTone are specifically designed like your standard Mylar heads so anyone can easily mount them. It is suggested to let the head sit barely tightened on the drumshell the first day you receive it. The next day it can be hand-tightened and tuned. If you are in the complete opposite climate of Florida (anything different than hot and humid 9 months out of the year), you can give it an extra day before tuning all the way to pitch. You will most likely need to retune the first week or so, but after two weeks the heads should settle nicely.

I Notice Your Bass Drums Start At Size 20, But My Bass Is An 18". Can I Use the Tom 18" On My Bass Drum?

Yes, you can use it as a bass head on most bass drums. You'll have to be very particular and cautious while you tighten the head down to make sure it is side-by-side or else the head can slip.

Do You Make Custom Sizes?

Unfortunately, at this time we only have the standard head sizes available. We do offer untucked material you can use to tuck your own head (or have tucked).

Where Do You Ship To And How Fast Will The Order Ship?

EarthTone drumheads ship worldwide through UPS or US Mail within 3 business days of the time you place your order.