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AC-5+1: Acoustic Composite 6-String Banjo with Gig Bag



AC-5+1 Specifications

All Gold Tone instruments setup in Titusville, FL. USA


Composite Contruction
Maple Neck
Gotoh Planetary Tuners

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Product Description

At Gold Tone, we understand that there’s a number of offbeat instruments that lots of players would like to have in their arsenal. Our discontinued six-string Lojo (a five-string banjo with an added low G string) was cool, but some folks didn’t want to invest a lot of money in an instrument that might see only occasional use. Now, any picker that wants to delve into the musical possibilities of a six-string can afford to do just that. The AC-5+1 is a real “six-string five-string” for the curious player on a budget. This is the kind of thing that teases and entices the picker down new roads of playing and composition. Like all of our AC-series banjos, it features a durable and lively-sounding composite rim and resonator for long life and consistent tone. The 5+1 is your standard five string tuning (GDGBD) plus one (low g or gGDGBD). Adventure awaits!