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SCT Swift Clip Tuner


Product Description

The Gold Tone SCT is the most versatile clip-on tuner you can buy. Its 360-degree display screen can be adjusted in three dimensions to achieve the perfect viewing angle whether it's mounted on the front or back of the headstock, on a banjo rim, or on any acoustic instrument in any location that has a perch for the clip. The SCT has presets for chromatic tuning, guitar, mandolin/violin and soprano ukulele. The highly legible display shows you the note played, how sharp or flat is it and then changes color when the note is in tune. When the SCT is set to one of the optimized instrument positions, it displays the string number being played! The reference pitch of the SCT is set permanently at A=440 Hz to eliminate mistakes. Its unique one-button operation simplifies use and if you leave it on, it automatically shuts down after two minutes.