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Ramirez guitars are carefully inspected in our Spanish workshop and re-inspected by our distributor before making them available to our customers, to ensure that no faults are present. The warranty covers any construction defect, which may occur within a maximum period of two years, of date of sale, according to UE law. This guarantee is only applicable to the retail purchaser and does not extend to subsequent owners. Proof of purchase, (a store receipt) is required from an authorized Dealer, when registering a claim with the Distributors.

Guitar Care:

Wood is a hygroscopic material, which is sensitive to environmental changes. As the owner of a finely crafted instrument, it is your responsibility to keep the guitar at property humidity levels, otherwise problems may occur. Please read the care instructions included with the guitar or here, on our website (PDF).


The warranty does not cover:
  1. Any damage caused by improper care including, improper storage, exposure to extreme temperatures, and extremities of relative humidity, neglect, abuse and misuse.
    1. Damage resulting from exposure to conditions outside the range of 50% and 60% relative humidity between. Exposure of the instrument to climatic conditions outside of this range may cause the following maladies:
    2. Movement of the fret-board with undesirable impact on the sound.
    3. Buzzing and decrease in sound.
    4. Playability of the instrument, if the action gets too high or too low.
    5. Separation of joints and cracks.
    6. Finish issues developing such as cloudiness or irregularities.
    7. Other issues not described herein, which may be caused by improper care.
    8. The proximity of a source of heat or air conditioning dries the environment and could harm the integrity of the guitar.
  2. Damage or alterations on the label.
  3. Any damage caused by an accident or mistreatment of the instrument during transportation.
  4. The warranty is void if the guitar has been repaired, whenever such repair, altered or the installation of any element, which has not been done in the Ramirez Workshop in Madrid, or in a workshop expressly authorised by Ramirez Guitars.
  5. This warranty does not cover any collateral damage that may occur as a result from use or performance of the instrument.
  6. Warranty claims must be lodged, in writing, to our distributor, by submitting the original document or copy of the purchase of the instrument and details of the claim.

    Note: Shipping costs and insurance are the responsibility of the original purchaser. To ensure safe transit between your country and Spain, the instrument must be packed safely, in a hard shell case and adequately insured, as we accept no liability of return shipping damage. Upon receipt of the guitar Ramirez Guitars will determine if the guitar meets the warranty stipulated above. If, at the sole discretion of Ramirez Guitars, the warranty conditions are met, repairs will be effected at no charge and return shipping will be paid by Ramirez Guitars.


    In Casa Ramírez our customers are always welcome. As regards our post-sales service, there is a sentence that could define us; it was told by a customer and he used the following words: ‘I have bought several Ramírez guitars with the assurance of knowing that, if I have any problem with them, there will always be a Ramírez in the workshop to solve it’. Our commitment with the owner of one of our guitars does not finish when we sell it; it continues for life, and we hope that it lasts for generations to come.

    Guarantee: 2 years for any manufacturing defect. IMPORTANT: This guarantee will not cover damage caused by misuse of the instrument, or as a result of the instrument being kept in unsuitable conditions.*

    * See the advice on caring for your guitar in the instructions supplied here, on our website (PDF).