José Ramírez "2N CWE" Studio Cutaway


The José Ramírez 2NCWE has features and qualities that make jazz, pop, blues, folk musicians and even classical players reach out for it every time. Its design was originally conceived in a collaboration between José Ramírez III and guitar great Marcel Dadi. The result was a versatile nylon string guitar, with a rich tone and easy playability. After many years in the market, Amalia Ramírez revamped it and made it even lighter, fuller in sound and more beautiful. The original template however, was such a great creation that it remains untouched until this day.

Nylon string guitars occupy a place of privilege amongst musical instruments. They are loved by everyone and are constantly evolving at such a pace, that it is not only difficult to follow up on them but to find one that withstands tests, critiques and high demands. Ramírez has undoubtedly lived up to its long reputation. The 2NCWE is a fine example of its exquisite tone and reliable craftsmanship.

Be prepared to make music on an outstanding cutaway; comfortable like you won't believe and versatile in a way that very few others can achieve. This 6 string guitar, with built in pickup, has that warm tone characteristic of Ramírez and that jazzy feel that contemporary players love so much.




  • Top: Cedar / Cedro
  • Sides and Back: Laminated Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India Laminado
  • Neck: Cedar / Cedro
  • Binding: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Fingerboard: Ebony / Ebano
  • Bridge: Indian Rosewood / Palosanto India
  • Nut: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Nut Width: 50mm
  • Saddle: Cow Bone / Hueso Vaca
  • Soundhole: 65mm
  • Tuner: Van Gent
  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Strings: Ramírez Medium Tension
  • Finish: Polyurethane / Poliuretano
  • Electronics: Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Man-P59

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