F-6+: F-style Mando-Guitar with Pickup, Volume Control, and Case

Folkternative Instrument (What's this?)

F-6+ Specifications

All Gold Tone instruments setup in Titusville, FL. USA


Folkternative Design
Zero Glide Nut
Piezo Pickup
Trapeeze Tailpiece

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Product Description

This octave guitar is built using a larger “Artist” or F-Style mandola body to increase the volume of the air chamber. This means more volume, better low-end response, and just the right timbre (tone). Compared to our previous manditar models, the newer F-6 and F-12 each have an extended 15” scale length, allowing for more fingering room with barre chords possible near the nut. Our patented Zero Glide nut helps maintain tuning stability and allows for the lowest possible string action. The fretboard is radiused for comfort and the ebony bridge contains a built-in pickup for easy plugged-in playing. Bottom line is, this guitar variant offers additional voice for use in the recording studio, in a band , a solo gig, or just to jam with. If you want to achieve a mandolin sound without learning to play the mandolin, this does the trick (though we think you should learn mandolin too!) With its shorter scale length, the F-6+ works well with open tunings, so you can focus more on single or harmonic notes while strumming. Whether you want to add a new color to songs that you have been playing for years or seeking entirely new sounds, the F-6+ will spark your imagination. Comes with a soft case, too.