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Gold Tone Music Group's Owners, Wayne and Robin Rogers

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3656 S. Hopkins Ave.
Titusville, Fl 32780

Company History

Wayne and Robyn Rogers were active folk musicians in the 1970s when they decided to open Strings N' Things Music Center in 1978. Today’s Gold Tone Group started life as Gold Tone Banjos, founded in Titusville, Florida by Wayne and Robyn in 1993. Wayne designed and manufactured Gold Tone’s first banjo, the original TB-100 Travel Banjo and began and selling the "Traveler" via mail order. After a wonderful review by Banjo Newsletter, demand for the TB-100 mushroomed. As the company grew, Wayne’s innovations, combined with proven vintage designs, had dealers and their customers clamoring for Gold Tone’s affordable yet high-quality banjos. Gold Tone's offerings grew to include fretted string instruments of every description including four-string and five-string banjos, six-string banjos (banjitars), mandolin-banjos, Weissenborn Hawaiian steel guitars, metal- and wood-bodied resonator guitars and mandolins.

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"A great company, they live and breathe innovation in music. Amazingly fine quality, I only play goldtone. I get great compliments on my EBM at every gig for the last twelve years. Folks can't believe it didn't cost three times as much."
-Derek Byrne

"Gold Tone has mastered quality and value for all levels of acoustic players. The alternative folk style instruments have fulfilled a huge current need for those sounds, tones, designs that are blending old style music with a whole new generation of musicians.Buy Gold Tone if you want phenomenal quality and value."
-Andy Hohwald

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